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  • What is the difference between a companion services company and a home care company?
    This is a very important distinction and is often one of the first questions a family asks. Dot+Ellie is strictly a companion services company. We do not provide assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, feeding, medication administration, etc.) as home care companies and home care aides/certified nursing assistants do. Dot+Ellie is a companion provider, often utilized a step or two before home care is required. As a companion services company, Dot+Ellie supports the aging population in the community to maintain an active, engaged, and independent lifestyle. Our goal with Dot+Ellie is to not only be a companion when it comes to socializing and staying engaged in everyday life, but to also be a resource to clients and their families. From running errands and organizing closets to being a listening ear and helping to navigate care options, we are there every step of the way. In a nutshell, Dot+Ellie is a thoughtful, heart-first resource that supports the quality of life for our aging loved ones. As clients transition across the continuum of care or need assistance outside our abilities, we have developed relationships with trusted home-care, healthcare, senior living, and other local services and organizations that we can recommend. Our hope in doing this is to make things easier and eliminate any unnecessary stress for our clients and families.
  • What inspired you to found Dot+Ellie Companion Services LLC and what qualifications do you have to service the senior population?
    Such a great question, and a story I love to share! This company is named after my grandmother, Dot, and my great aunt, Ellie. Both played key roles in my upbringing and development, and inspired a career in Elder Care. I earned an M.S. in Management with a Concentration in Elder Care from Lasell University. I also held various roles in the industry (mainly activity planning) in both the senior community and home care settings. I learned first hand the importance of maintaining independence as we age along with all the different components that are part of the aging process. I consider myself a lifetime advocate for seniors and continue to take advantage of any and every learning and networking opportunity. This business was created to not only fulfill a genuine passion for assisting seniors, but also with a vision to surpass sub-par, traditional senior care with sincere, relationship-centered services to support aging adults and their inner circles while fostering security, smiles, and connections.
  • What is the range of companion services you offer at Dot+Ellie Companion Services LLC?
    Our number one priority of care for any client is to support their independence and quality of life in any way we can. So, whether it involves being an advocating voice to help navigate care resources, a ride to an appointment, a fun day planned around specific interests, a great conversation or a listening ear, Dot+Ellie customizes the approach and level of companion services needed for each client. We treat each client individually and tailor services according to their wants and needs.
  • Does Dot+Ellie Companion Services LLC accept insurance?
    Unfortunately our services are not currently covered by any type of insurance. We do recommend consulting with your insurance provider to see if flexible spending options are available and if you may qualify for companion care services. Payment for D+E services must, however, be paid directly and is the responsibility of the client. Payment is accepted via check and can be made out to Annie MacIntyre or Dot+Ellie Companion Services LLC.
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